Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beware the Guns of Cygnar...

So, due to the vagaries of photo hosting sites, a ruthless, power-hungry moderator, and a work computer whose entire software suite needed redeployment, my pictures from last post, A Brief Stop in Immoren, were sadly lost to the void.  Now that my home computer is fixed, the whole "upload photos to the blog" thing is no longer an issue but I say that in a bittersweet tone:  those pictures were epic.

Baby Drescher #2 is still clinging stubbornly to the idea that it can stay in utero and has been the subject of much debate as to when it will actually arrive.  The plus side of this unexpected delay is that I was able to attend week 2 of the Warmahordes Journeyman League being held at the Wandering Dragon.

After witnessing the carnage and epic dice rolling last week, there was no doubt in my mind who my opponent would be this round:  Dan of Cygnar fame.  Aside from the awesome game I witnessed between he and Alan, I harbor a spiteful grudge against anything in a gold and blue color scheme so it gave me a chance to scratch that itch as well.
 Ultramarines:  their very presence causes my neck frill to stand up and I start spitting blinding venom...

It seemed like a match made in heaven as Dan is a very laid-back guy like myself so I knew the throw-down would not result in any dickering or rules lawyering.  My bullet point review of the game is as follows:
  • There were several desperate "I'll do this to kill your guy otherwise I'm probably dead next turn" moves made on both sides.  Some paid off more than others
  • I still manage to roll very well to hit and then deal out damage like pacifist with a nerf bat.
  • Ranged weaponry can be much more effective than I originally thought.  This is probably a side effect of playing against melee-heavy factions up to this point.
 'Jack tossing:  my favorite tactic now in the hands of my enemy...

Our initial turns went well.  A particularly well placed Bombard shot on turn 1 put some early damage on Dan's caster (Coleman Striker) while his 'jacks were still getting into position.  In response, Dan moved Striker out in an all or nothing earthquake strike against my grouped force to bring the hurt as only blue painted minis can to an entirely knocked-down enemy.  Fortunately for me, the spell deviated out of harm's way and I was free to engage unimpeded.  Then it was my turn.

First, Sorscha popped her feat, rendering all Cygnar forces stationary for one round (effectively giving me two turns in a row).  My Destroyer charged in on a boundless charge from Sorscha to engage Dan's heavy 'jack while my Juggernaut benefitted from the same spell to come to grips with the Lancer blocking my way to his caster.  The Juggernaut did moderate damage with it's initial attacks then my signature coup de grace came into play: 'jack tossing.  The throw was successful and Striker lost a few more hit points to a couple tons of flying metal but still remained standing.  Another turn of the same followed with marginal damage rolls to Stryker thanks to Dan popping his feat (giving his stationary models +5 ARM for the turn).  My last ditch effort after a turn of heated combat to end the game is most definitely what cost me the match in the long run.  My Destroyer moved into the clear, hoping to end Striker's days with a couple bombard shots, but the free strike granted to his heavy 'jack from moving out of it's melee zone cost me the Destroyer's Bombard arm, negating my killing strike.  Now it was Cygnar's turn.

Dan's riposte was one I honestly didn't see coming.  Charging his heavy jack into the melee, he rolled dice like some sort of heathen demigod and was able to toss my Juggernaut into Sorscha, knocking them both down and darkening out several of her damage boxes.  The newly opened lanes of gunfire mowed Sorscha down where she lay and the game was over.

  Channeling Mighty Zeus:  Dan unleashes the Kraken on my stricken 'caster.  That's what I get for painting her this week I guess...

All told it was another great game and an opportunity to learn more about my faction and the mechanics of the game.  Dan played a good game and it stung a bit to have my all-time favorite dirty trick turned against me.  I'll definitely be more wary playing against Cygnar in the future.

The face of victory.  Or someone who just ate a really spicy taco.

On the hobby front, I was able to complete my work on the Kodiak and finish up Sorscha for today's round.  I've got the Man-o-War Shocktroopers and some Widowmakers sitting in the queue, but with Sedition Wars due to arrive on my doorstep at any time, the painting focus might become a bit muddled.

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