Friday, January 4, 2013

Bring on the Reds!

Just a quick update for everyone, I've managed to get some quick pictures uploaded of my Khador force in progress.  I didn't have time for a proper lightbox setup so these are literally taken using my task lamp base as the backdrop and were not passed over with photoshop to adjust the lighting levels as my home computer is still in the shop.  That being said, the first off is the Butcher of Khardov.  This model was extremely fun to paint despite a few casting errors that had to be rectified beforehand. 
Orsus Zoktavir:  the Khadoran Mr. Congeniality

For anyone running Khador, you know (especially with the butcher) your next choice always has to be a war dog.  For one point this puppy gives a defense buff to his warcaster and can do a hit and run POW 11 attack against any enemy model that ends its movement within 6" of him and is in LOS.  That and it's a huge bull mastiff in armor:  who doesn't want that?

He shall be mine and I shall call him Snugglecakes.  Good boy, Snugglecakes

Next came my first warjack, the Juggernaut.  This model was actually the test scheme for my color palette so it took me much longer to complete than I would have initially liked.  I based the paint scheme off the Extreme Juggernaut model from Privateer Press which i felt had a little more character than the standard pics I found. 
I think I'll call him 'the Negotiator' because he seems the most even-tempered of the lot thus far...

Currently I'm working on my Kodiak for three reasons:
1)  He's one of the new non-red 'jacks in the Khador army and even I needed a break from painting red
2)  The Grab and Smash chain attack was too goo to pass up
3)  It gave me a chance to do some conversion work using the heavy warjack kit.  The old metal PP model for the Kodiak had a bit of the "Captain Static" pose you would find in an early '90s Games Workshop character.  To me that's about as intimidating as the "Good Job" Commissar:
If the Imperial Guard is the Emperor's Hammer, this guy is the Emperor's throw pillow...

I used a standard Khador heavy 'jack kit and added the spikes on the main chassis and formed the big spiky fists from some plasticard and GS.  The head was actually an extra Juggernaut head that I pared down and resculpted the details.  At this point, the Kodiak is only 75% complete as I still need to finish the shading and details on the legs and get the blood effects going on his big, spiky mitts.  More to come as things progress.  I'm hoping to make it to the initial league opener at the Wandering Dragon on Tuesday, January 8th.  That is, if my second baby doesn't arrive then.  I'm pretty much on high alert from this point forward. 
Snugglecakes is already taken?  Crap...

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